The University of Chicago Medicine - Comer Children's Hospital

Department of Pediatrics 2017 Annual Report

Genomics & Organ Physiology

Patient Miriah Le-Anna Chavez


  • The section was the recipient of over $5.4 million in total grant funding. 
  • Siri Greeley, MD, PhD, was the recipient on an American Diabetes Association grant to investigate the impact of diabetes in infancy.  
  • Rochelle Naylor, MD, received notification of an NIH K08 award to develop a personalized genetic medicine approach for patients with maturity-onset diabetes of the young in a multi-ethnic population. 
  • Louis Philipson, MD, PhD, was named president-elect of the American Diabetes Association.

Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition



  • Shireen Hashmat, MD, presented a peritoneal dialysis and colostomy study at the fall Midwest Pediatric Nephrology Consortium meeting. 
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